Alpha Omega Epsilon - Eta Chapter

Zoe Gerardson

  • Candidate Class: Upsilon (Fall 2015)
  • Major: Environmental Engineering
  • Expected Grad Year: 2019
  • Current Positions: Alumna

Zoe has not submitted a bio, and so the webmaster has made one up.

Zoe was an Australian exchange student. To show exactly how Australian she is, here is an actual (abridged) quote from our Facebook group. It speaks for itself, I think:

“Hi y’all. Apparently there’s no kangaroos to be my friends. So if anyone wants to be a mate and come hang out with me, my address is [redacted]. There may or may not be crocodile wrangling involved. Winner gets a lifetime supply of veggie mite [sic]. Sincerely, the down-under girl who’s up over”

Not Australian enough to know how to spell vegemite, though, Zoe.

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