Alpha Omega Epsilon - Eta Chapter

Theresa Kikuchi

  • Candidate Class: Upsilon (Fall 2015)
  • Major: Integrated Engineering
  • Expected Grad Year: 2019
  • Current Positions: Member

Theresa has not submitted a bio, and so, as usual, the webmaster has made one up.

There are now officially too many Theresas. I fear that we may soon need to resolve this with a fight to the death. This Theresa went to an American school in Tokyo. As such, when she goes back to Japan, we all get a taste of really bad karaoke from her friends over Snapchat, answering the age old identity crisis “are we human or are we dancer” with a “definitely not dancer”. Based on the sounds coming out of their mouths, I question the human part, too. Truly, it is a golden age of technology we live in.

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