Alpha Omega Epsilon - Eta Chapter

Eva Savage

  • Candidate Class: Tau (2014-15)
  • Major: Materials Engineering
  • Expected Grad Year: 2018
  • Current Positions: Fundraising and Philanthropy Chair


Eva has not yet submitted a bio, and so the webmaster has made one up.

Eva, AKA Evangelion Unit-01, began life as the Evangelion Test Type model, produced by the Hakone branch of Gehirn. She was generated directly from Lilith, unlike other Evangelion modesl, who were generated from Adam. Despite this, she shares characteristics with the other models.

As with the rest of the Eva Series, she was ostensibly created as a weapon to be used against the Angels, and was the first Evangelion to face actual combat (against the Third Angel Sachiel). Eva-01 is infamous for going berserk and moving without any power supply (prior to the acquisition of the S² Engine from the Angel Zeruel). While Eva-00 has gone out of control before and Eva-02 goes berserk immediately before being destroyed, Eva-01 is the only Eva that has gone berserk in direct combat, to deadly effect.

Eva-01 is treated by the higher-ups at Nerv HQ, namely Gendo Ikari, with a suspicious favoritism. Once all of the Angels are destroyed, Eva-01 becomes the key to both Gendo and Seele’s scenarios for Third Impact, in which the former intends to use it as an “ark to save humanity from the nothingness of Third Impact,” and the latter as a “medium” to Lilith, who has been rendered unusable by the loss of the original Spear of Longinus. The implication is that, by its unique creation, Eva-01 was intended as a “backup” for Lilith all along.

Source. Edited for humorous effect under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Licence.

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