Alpha Omega Epsilon - Eta Chapter

Esther Mutinda

  • Candidate Class: Tau (2014-15)
  • Major: Electrical Engineering
  • Expected Grad Year: 2017
  • Current Positions: Member

Esther has not yet submitted a bio, and the webmaster has therefore made one up.

Esther hails from Kenya, and according to Facebook, speaks English, French, and Swahili. We are both in awe of her mad linguistics skills, and baffled by her choice to move to a damp, expensive city like Vancouver.

Esther has a reputation for being a bit cheeky, but I have yet to see any evidence of this. I offer a $500 000* reward for definitive photographic or video evidence of Esther’s alleged sassiness. If you can get her to say the word “lychee” in the process, you will get an additional $1000.

* Conditions apply. $ refers to Monopoly dollars, or photographs thereof. In order to receive the funds, the successful videographer will defeat Jessica in either a game of Monopoly, without cheating, or a game of Cthulhu Munchkin with all four expansions. Think hard before taking this challenge: Monopoly ruins friendships, Munchkin destroys lives.

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