Alpha Omega Epsilon - Eta Chapter

Cheyanne Nikolaisen

  • Candidate Class: Upsilon (2015 fall)
  • Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Expected Grad Year: 2019
  • Current Positions: Risk Management

Cheyanne has not submitted a bio, and so the webmaster has made one up.

Well, 5 out of 7 Urban Dictionary definitions for Cheyanne basically exalt her to sainthood, and the other two make grave accusations about her moral character, so that probably averages out to a pretty cool person. A cursory glance at Wikipedia tells us that Nikolaisen is apparently a popular surname among Norwegian musicians.

Based on this research, we can conjecture that she is a Norwegian singer-songwriter in her mid-forties who is enjoyed by about 70% of the population, and hated passionately by the rest. It is also probably safe to assume that she is blonde. Any evidence to the contrary is probably either photoshop or a trick of the light.

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