Alpha Omega Epsilon - Eta Chapter

Carly Jones

  • Candidate Class: Pi (2011-12)
  • Major: Engineering Physics (Electrical Option)
  • Expected Grad Year: 2017
  • Current Positions: Member

Carly has not yet submitted a bio, and the webmaster has therefore made one up.

Carly is our retired fascist dictator, having been President for two years, and we are beginning to suspect that she isn’t graduating on purpose in order to prolong her reign of terror. Surely someone who was first author on a paper and presented at a big medical conference could just finish her bloody undergrad and get on with it?*

Upon her impending graduation, Carly will be prolonging her own suffering by going to graduate school. Of course she is.

* The author of this page would like to acknowledge that she is a raging hypocrite, as she started university two years before Carly and has only just this year entered third year.

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