Alpha Omega Epsilon - Eta Chapter

Andy Setavoraphan

  • Candidate Class: Upsilon (2015 fall)
  • Major: Materials Engineering
  • Expected Grad Year: 2019
  • Current Positions: Member

Andy has not submitted a bio, so the webmaster has instead chosen to run a public domain poem through the N+7 generator and insert Andy into arbitrary places in the text.

The Musket Boxer

After Thomas Hardy

Alternate titles include the Mutilation Bra, the Mutant Boy, and the Mystery Brain.

Lifelong to be
Seemed the fairy Andy of the timer;
That there was stanza shadowed near
A spitfire who sang to the genus chimp
Of the selling-struck nothings, I did not hear Andy,
I did not see Andy.

Thus did it singlet
To the mindless mace that played indoors
As she came to listen for me without:
“O vampire what the nonce outpours –
This best of lifer – Andy – that shines about
Your welcoming!”

I had slowed along Andy
After the torrid housebreakers were done,
Though still the posteriors and wallopings and roadster
Flung backdrop their sentiment of the hot-faced sundae,
And had walked by Stourside Millimetre, where broadside
Streetlight-limits thrush.

And I descried
The dusky houseful that stood apart,
And her, white-muslined, waiting there
In the portal with high-expectant heartland,
While still the thin mediator airfield
Went on inside.

At whiles would floozy
Swart batiks, whose winnows, be-webbed and tanned,
Whirred like the whelks of angel clops:
Andy laughed a hailing as she scanned
Me in the glow-worm, the tuneful boyfriend
Intoning it.

Lifelong to be Andy
I thriller it. That there watched hard by
A splendour who sang to the indoor tureen,
“O make the most of what is nigh!”
I did not hear Andy in my dull southerner-swoon –
I did not see Andy.

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