Alpha Omega Epsilon - Eta Chapter

New People! Welcome, Phi Class!

February 10th, 2016 by Jessica

We’ve got 9 new candidates for the Spring term! Welcome Maria, Eve, Maddie, Rita, Diana, Chantelle, Harleen, Erica, and Stella! Eva gets another 6 weeks of tears fun-filled Membership Education!

AOE -0223

Looking fine, Eva!

Lookin' good, Eva!

January Recruitment

January 11th, 2016 by Jessica

We’re recruiting! We’ll be holding five events for potential new members to come out and meet us before our second term candidate initiation. For more information, see our Recruitment FAQ or contact Maria.

Open Meeting

Wednesday January 13th
7:30pm in CEME 1204

Movie Night

Friday January 15th
7-9pm in CEME 1204 (location may change)

Meet and Greet

Wednesday January 20th
6-7pm in CEME 1204 (location may change)

Open Meeting

Wednesday January 20th
7:30pm in CEME 1204

Board Games Night

Friday January 22nd
7-9pm in CEME 1204 (location may change)

Happy Holidays!

December 16th, 2015 by Jessica


I’ve been negligent in my duties as webmaster, but since last update, we have had a Halloween meeting, ate dinner with the boys at Sigma Phi Delta, played human chess, competed in the EUS Flag Football Tournament, spent a day trampolining with a bigwig from California, laid roses at the 14 Not Forgotten ceremony, and most exciting, we initiated 15 new actives (and forced them to visit the Burnaby Village Museum with us)!

It’s been a busy term, and we’re on a well-deserved break (or soon will be). We look forward to seeing new faces and old come January!

Winter Clothing Drive

October 14th, 2015 by Jessica

Raid your closet for a good cause! Once again this year, we are collecting clothing to donate to women on the Downtown Eastside. We are looking for any undamaged, clean clothing, especially that sweater you bought two years ago because it looked cute on the rack, and haven’t worn since. Contact Olina Chang, or any sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon, to arrange a drop-off.

Please note that we cannot accept donations of used underwear, although clean bras are acceptable.

Day of the Longboat

October 5th, 2015 by Jessica

SPORTS! As always, eight of us participated in the first Triple Crown event of the year, Day of the Longboat. It was a dramatic day for us, having spent the bulk of the race neck-and-neck with another team, but we pulled through at the last minute when that team rowed to the wrong beach. Also, Laura broke the baton in half when she hit the gong at the end.

As always, we also got a picture of the sorority brutally murdering Jessica.