Alpha Omega Epsilon - Eta Chapter

Initiation, Old Blue New Blue, and Elections!

April 10th, 2016 by Jessica

The end of the year is bittersweet for us. We welcomed nine new sisters this spring, and also said goodbye to four graduating/moving back to Australia sisters. Maria, Eve, Maddie, Rita, Diana, Chantelle, Harleen, Erica, and Stella joined us as full members, and our dear friends Alannah, Cindy, Alisa, and Zoe moved forward to a new chapter in their lives (or in Zoe’s case, back to the old, Australian chapter of her life).

Additionally, we recently held our elections for next year, and would like to congratulate the incoming executive, President Rebecca, Vice President Natasha, Secretary Laura, Treasurer Maria, and Membership Educator Jessica, along with all of our new chairs and reps!

Now, enjoy some ridiculous photos of us being nerds. More after the break!

AOE Apr 2016-22
Dolphina joins the fray

AOE Apr 2016-58
I refuse to capitulate!

AOE Apr 2016-29

AOE Apr 2016-12
Like a boss.

AOE OBNB Apr 2016-42
Goodbye, Zoe!

AOE OBNB Apr 2016-33
Fun fact: I can fit my whole fist in my mouth

AOE OBNB Apr 2016-31
Our literal sisters

AOE OBNB Apr 2016-19
Only Esther can pull this off

AOE OBNB Apr 2016-15
Case in point

AOE OBNB Apr 2016-5

This family had no silly photos.

AOE Apr 2016-151

AOE Apr 2016-149
Much better

AOE Apr 2016-138
Cheyannosaurus Rex

AOE Apr 2016-133
Centre-right girl is on the UBC Board of Governors. Represent.

AOE Apr 2016-119
We’ll let this slide because pigtails

AOE Apr 2016-111

AOE Apr 2016-99
Clan Hohner-Chan-Gerardson does not photograph by half-measures

AOE Apr 2016-92
Eva Survived!

AOE Apr 2016-87

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